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Essex Championship Support Show 2012

20 April 2012: Frank Weis, Bernd Hügel and Heiko Semmel were off to London. The Essex Championship Show had a total of 350 entries, one hundred of which were also judged by Frank Weis and me using European standard and judging method.

27th EE-European Show in Leipzig 2012

Important Dates and opening times to the 27th EE-European Show in Leipzig 2012 them informed of all important data.

German National Championship show – Erfurt 2011

Kleintiernews war auf der Bundesschau in Erfurt für Euch unterwegs. Es hat wieder einmal tierisch Spaß gemacht bei einem solchen Großevent der Kaninchenzucht live dabei zu sein. Hier jetzt der Gesamtbericht mit vielen tollen Bildern und Eindrücken der Schau für Euch. 

European Championship 2011 in Rabbit Jumping / Kanin Hop

The 1st European championship in rabbit jumping, organised by the EE Rabbit Section and the local rabbit club Wilen-Wollerau, will take place in Wollerau/ Switzerland from 29th – 30th October.

German Angora Stockshow 2011

One of the highlights in the year of any Angora breeder is the sheering competition of all regional breed clubs. The 40th of these events took place from 11 – 13 March 2011

23th Federal Buck Show in Rheinberg 2011

On 29 and 30th January 2011, the Rhineland Rabbit Fanciers Association (Landesverband Rheinischer Rassekaninchenzüchter e.V.) hosted the 23rd German Buck Show. The total entry of 13.484 rabbit exhibits exceeded all expectations.

19th Federal Championship show of the Autrian Association for Small Livestock Breeders (RÖK) 2010

The 19th Federal Championship show of the Autrian Association for Small Livestock Breeders (RÖK) was held in Wels, Austria, on 18/19 December 2010. 3.873 rabbits were entered. Here some photos and the catalog.

London Rabbit Championship Show 2010

London 2010 it’s into the record and history books, the winners recorded forever. Stars certainly shone on many None more so than Fourtune Stud BIS in the Adult show and Chris Horseman BIS in the Young show, they will certainly remember it.

87th ARBA Convention

The 87th ARBA Convention was held in Minnesota, USA from 07th to 11th November 2010. The Convention is biggest event show in the US. The results, pictures and a video here.

First breed-specific European show

The first breed-specific European show for Netherland Dwarfs, Polish and Miniature English/Broken. A total of 1364 exhibits were entered, from the Netherlands, from Germany, Belgium, UK, the Czech Republic and Sweden.