August 7, 2022 |
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The Continental Point System explained

During the year rabbit fanciers continuously select which animals make the grade for showing and breeding. They breed rabbits with one primary aim – to come as close as possible to the standard.

Rabbit Agility

The most important aspect of Rabbit Agility is that the rabbit jumps the hurdles on its own will. Whilst guiding is allowed, the handler must not pull or lift the rabbit with the lead.

“Herdbuch” - Stockmanship taken to the next level

“Herdbuch” is a German term that translates roughly into “stock records”. However, it has also become a sign for quality and consistency. Becoming a member of this club is regarded as achieving excellence in stockmanship.

Classes in Herdbuch shows

At Herdbuch shows, animals have to be registered in the order defined by the class.

Herdbuch score

Information about the exact terms for the "Herdbuch score" . They can be found on page 7 of the newly revised German guidelines of the department breeding herd book and performance of the ZDRK.