July 21, 2019 |
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Which breed, what type of hutches and which feed

„How do I…“ – everyone who starts a new hobby will ask this type of question. Here is a short overview on the basics of starting with rabbits.


Janie Heller has a very special interest – Bunny dance. Bunny Dance, the new sport for rabbits. Everyone can dance - and that's what makes the charm of the rabbit dance.

What to feed your rabbit

All rabbits must have constant access to fresh water. Then Rabbits love variety and fresh greens, herbs, fruit.

Keeping Rabbits – your options

Housing is one of the most important features of a successful rabbitry. Temperature, ventilation and the general way animals are kept have a great influence over how they thrive and reproduce.

Equipment for rabbits

Whether you keep your rabbits in hutches or in outside runs, you will need certain essentials for feeding, watering and - if you aim for it – raising young.

Rabbits as a hobby

According to the RSPCA, around a million pet rabbits live in the UK, making rabbits the third most popular pet animal. In Germany they make up almost a quarter of all pets

Challenge of rabbit breeding

Almost 100 breeds and nearly 400 different colours, the choices are overwhelming. The choice is ultimately probably a question of personal taste.